Seattle's new bikesharing program is a lot like legal bike theft

Imagine walking outside, grabbing the first bicycle you see, and riding away. Then, once you reach your destination, simply abandoning it by the side of the road. This might sound like a really benign version of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. But in China, it's a reality – and it's...Read More Here

Cities vow to crack down on "litter bikes"

Dockless bike shares and electronic scooters available for rent via apps are sweeping the country; at least 57 cities now operate bikeshare programs, and one more is launching in Chicago this week. Inexpensive and fun to ride, they are changing the daily commute, but they are also becoming a hassle for local governments – and bringing out the worst in some riders. Read More Here

Dockless bikes promise the future of transportation, but litter the city of Dallas

Dockless bike startups have flocked to Dallas, but the hope of transportation utopia has given way to a people problem. Read More Here

Santa Cruz local activist Gillian Greensite's April, 2018 article on "The Orange Intrusion" sums up public resistance and City Council acquiescence to "free to the City" Social Bicycles' plan for bike share in Santa Cruz.  Read the article here